The Positive Voices Caucus (PVC) offers several different levels of engagement for people living with HIV in Alberta:

Joining the Caucus

For those who are interested in playing a more consistent role in helping to guide the direction of the PVC’s work, joining the PVC might be a good option. The PVC meets monthly via teleconference and members are often delegated tasks to complete in between meetings. Some examples of work the PVC has been up to over the past year:

Developing the PVC’s Vision, Missions, Values, Terms of Reference, and Strategic Plan

Developing online platforms and content for people living with HIV – like this website!

Planning the 2017 Positive Voices Conference

Contributing to the 2016-2020 Alberta STBBI Operational Strategy and Action Plan

Completing a Needs Assessment developed by and for Albertans living with HIV

Setting the groundwork for a Provincial Positive Speaker’s Bureau

If these are things you’d like to be involved in and you’re ready to make a bigger commitment, contact us and we can begin a discussion with you about what participating in the PVC entails and whether or not it’s the right option for you! To get in touch, send us an email here!

Join our Mailing List

Not everyone is able to make an ongoing commitment to attend monthly meetings or volunteer to complete PVC tasks on a regular basis. We totally get that! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute to the work. Given the PVC’s role in providing a representative voice on behalf of Albertans living with HIV, it’s important that we are able to receive input from as many people living with HIV in Alberta as possible. From time to time, we might send out a survey to get broader input on an issue we’re tackling or have been asked to speak to.

By joining our mailing list, it ensures that your voice is heard. Additionally, as the PVC continues to design programming by and for people living with HIV, we’ll be looking for local representatives to get involved. Joining our mailing list is just one extra way to make sure you’re not left out of the loop! To sign up, send us an email here!